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Daniel from Tennessee

Daniel from Tennessee
This year our school is lucky to welcome another foreign exchange student!
Daniel Frost came the long way from Cookeville, which is a town in Tennessee, to spend his 11th school year abroad.

When he applied for the exchange with the Rotary program, Germany was second on his list, right behind Spain, which he chose after taking three years of Spanish in High School.
He is currently taking German classes in Münster, and says that hearing people talk to each other in German makes it a lot easier for him to learn the language.
Daniel wants to be able to “live the history that once happened here, experience the culture and understand the way of living in Germany.”
He especially likes “the style of the towns”  and is looking forward to visit historical places, such as old churches.
Telgte, he mentions, is very similar to his hometown Cookeville, with the only big difference being everyone riding their bikes everywhere, which you don’t see much in the US.
At his High School Daniel is a part of the theater and also does cross country, which is long distance running. He even took part on a city run in Münster a few weeks after he arrived.
His plans for the year are a Europe and Germany tour and of course meeting many new people and making friends on the other side of the world.
Homesickness, he says, has not happened to him - yet.
He is really excited for this year and how it will proceed.

Marie Wigger
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