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Film Festival

Film Festival
Telgte. The 2015 edition of the „film festival Telgte“ will run April 15 to 17. The festival, in its first ever edition, presents different films dealing with the controversial topic of ethnic minorities in Great Britain.
''We are happy to be able to announce Telgte`s first film festival and looking forward to all the amazing films“, says the festival`s director Juls Litzke.

The festival is organised by students from the advanced English course, headed by Karsten Rossien.
The students expect the festival to help the peolpe`s intercultural understanding.
Presented films are: East is East, Bend it like Beckham, Ae Fond Kiss, My Beautiful Laundrette.
Everyone who is interested in this topic is invited to join the festival on Wednesday, 15th of April, 9:50.


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