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Film Festival Prizes

Film Festival Prizes
Last Friday the film festival Telgte of the Leistungskurs Englisch, led by Karsten Rossien, came to its second part. Maximilian Lürwer und Henrik Ermeling presented “My beautiful Laundrette.“ This film is dealing with intercultural problems; Omar, a young man with foreign roots, works in an old laundrette to finance college. There he meets the old school friend Johnny and Omar offers him a job. Johnny leaves his xenophobic gang due his feelings for Omar and they develop a secret romantic relationship.
Lürwer added that this film was so versatile because it also picks homosexuality out as a central theme.

On Monday, 20th of April, the festival was finished with the presentation of the film “Kick it like Beckham“, also known as “Bend it like Beckham“. The audience listened interestedly while Finn Knafla and Jannik Bosse were speaking about the difficult situation in which the protagonist is.

In the plot Jess, a young Pakistani girl wants to play soccer professionally, which is against the traditional plans and values of her family, especially of her mother. This film is “a great choice to improve people’s intercultural understanding“, explains Finn Knafla. “It deals with several problems and shows that not every stereotype we might have is true“.

After a short break to leave some time to think for the audience it was time to award the incredibly useful prizes like books to improve one’s vocabulary skills or drinks to improve communication skills.

The impressioning presentation of Lürwer’s and Ermeling‘s skill team won the first prize in the category “best presentation“. Additionally, Max was chosen as the best presenter of the festival, as well. The best skill team, who acted perfectly together, was made up by Lena Mücher and Mariela Vennefrohne.
All these pupils were happy to be rewarded for their work. But not only the presenters, even the audience was happy of having achieved new impressions.

But did those films really help them to understand values of other cultures? This was the question of the discussion which followed after the award ceremony. Litzke started the exchange of views with the question if films could really improve one’s understanding and if this is achieved by films very well. Every person who was involved in the festival was free to state his opinion. After the active discussion Litzke ended the film festival Telgte with the conclusion that these films showed the audience very well which problems could develop in immigrated families but they are not able to let the viewer understand completely why some decisions are made and why they have these values – who are totally different to he ones we have here, in Germany.


Paulina Rose

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